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Ssematimba Says Joan is his Girlfriend not His Maid

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Peter Ssematimba has come out to claim Joan Namatovu as his girlfriend and never his maid as
she claims. Following the trending “pulosesi by pulosesi” story where one Joan claimed being a maid to
Ssematimba who later deflowered her, Ssematimba came out to claim that they were actually a

According to Ssematimba, Joan Namatovu was his girlfriend that stepped right in after his wife and him
could no longer see eye to eye and was not his maid that he simply took advantage of as she

Although she initially joined the Ssematimba household as a maid, Peter Ssematimba went on to
inform that after his wife’s departure to the United States, Joan and him got romantically
involved and she became his girlfriend.

Peter Ssematimba went on to explain that the game plan was to disguise Joan as a maid yet in actual
sense, she was his lover and they did not want to capture the public eye as well as questioning
from close family members since his family had recently departed from the country.

Later on, their relationship hit some rocks and they decided to separate although Joan was
already expectant at the time. Even after they could not share the same ideologies, Ssematimba claims he went on to cater for Joan’s needs.

“The lady is now using the ‘I was his housemaid’ card just to win public sympathy and to
tarnish his image. Because she knows very well that when you are ‘fighting’ with a person in the
stature of Peter Ssematimba, all you have to do is to contaminate his reputation and paint a
different [bad] picture of him to the public.” A source makes a revelation.

But the lady very well knows that she was never his maid. She was his ‘shadow’ girlfriend whom he agreed with to move into his home after his family had left. Because Peter wouldnot handle the house chores plus sorting his laundry given his busy official rosters.

“The man of God has never slept with any maid. And the stories of ‘Nkutaako mu Mugongo
Process by Process’ by Joan are all falsified to make a steady flow of her ‘I was his maid’ claims,” an
inside source reveals more about the Peter Ssematimba situation.

Tables turn and fingers point at Joan Namatovu only playing the blame victim, who is telling the truth and who is lying, join us as we uncover the truth behind the “pulosesi by pulosesi” truth.


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