Spice Diana Confesses she is the Reason her Fans Stayed Calm

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Shortly after a social media war broke out between the Sheebaholics (Sheebah) and Spice gadgets (Spice), people expected magma to erupt from the feud but much to their disappointment, it didn’t.

Singer Spice Diana has come out to claim that she is the reason behind the calm since she
talked down her fans not to start a battle between the two camps claiming it is much better to
be respectful.

Sheebah on the other only said she is not interested in the ongoing online battle that her fans
had decided to participate in since it was not contributing anything towards her bank account.

Previously, Spice Diana came out to plead with Sheebaholics to take it slow with her since they
had turned her life into a nightmare by constantly attacking her and throwing nasty comments
at her.

Put in their defense, the Sheebaholics claim that they had been first attacked by the Spice
gadgets when their favorite entertainer choose not to be part of the Zzina Awards which they
took badly.

The confrontation between the two parties has been going on to both camps and it was
rumored that it would soon blow over the roof and totally ruin the situation between the
music stars.


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However, it all ended in total calm following the fact that neither the fractions ever went up
against the other seeing as the people they supported so badly would rather make peace than
war. Hail Spice

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