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Social media lovers roast Zahara Toto over poor fashion sense

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Social media bystanders have shamed NBS Uncut presenter Zahara Toto over alarmingly shameful fashion sense.

The ruthless comments were thrown at the “wolokoso” queen after she posted pictures of herself in a transparent designer dress showing off all her curves and edges to the dot.

Pictures that were meant to have excited the presenters’ fans instead turned into a point of mockery as the fans instead resorted to commenting on every single flaw on Zara’s body as presented in the dress.

Time and time again, Zara Toto has been criticized for some of the decisions she makes by the public. On every single occasion, they get, the public completely castigates her as if it is payback for what she said while on air.

In regards to her body, it is not the first time she’s being bashed as the boss lady, Zari Hassan once openly told the “figureless” presenter that she is worse than that she (Zari) a mother of five.

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Basing on this and words that have previously been said, it seems there is only one way Zara Toto can defend herself. She either stays silent and enjoys the criticism or she could hit the gym and work on her extra fat.



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