Singers Chosen Becky and Henry Katamba Fall in Love in Tubyekole Song

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Sensational and soft singing diva, Chosen Becky has roared again. This is alongside the UK bases singer Henry Katamba in Tubyekole (Tubyekore) song 2021. This is the duo’s first collaboration song in their careers and their first hit song.

Tubyekole is a love song where Chosen Becky asks Henry Katamba to handle her softly, and take her through the valleys of love. On the same note, she asks Henry to rely on her so that the two can do all the things lovers do to themselves.

Further more, Tubyekore is a true love story that the two have put up, since they both sing above love and they are love ballads masters. Remember, Henry Katamba is a singer and medical practitioner based in the United Kingdom, but music has been his thing since time immemorial.

Before Tubyekole song 2021, singer Chosen Becky did Kapyaata with Hanson Bariluno, a song that sold beyond boarders this year. The same with Henry Katamba, he has shouldered hit songs like, Tuula, Oluuso, Kubuna Omu and many more.


With Tubyekore (Tubyekole), Chosen Becky and Henry Katamba will get the audience so grooving on the fresh vibe since it is about love any way. Keep it Times Uganda for your latest news in the industry


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