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Singer Rahmah Pinky Runs From Fake Marriage With Older Sponsor

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17 year old upcoming Singer Nanyanzi Rahmah known by his stage name Rahmah Pinky narrates a touching story on how she was about to marry a 45 year old man for a USA green card.

Many upcoming Ugandan artistes do crazy things for fame and money more especially girls, Parents who have their children in this kind of business should be very careful not to let the kids go unguided.

For the case of Pinky, it was her own mother who agreed to this kind of deal, the girl tells us how the man at first pretended as only a sponsor who wanted to invest in young talent.

The man later proposed about taking the young singer to USA to pursue her career as a Lawyer, he suggested the best way was marriage in order to get a green card the mother agreed while the Father was 50/50 about the idea, the ceremony was conducted.

Rahmah being a Muslim, the man was asked to pay the “maharie” and more than 15 millions were paid. On later realizing it was a trap she claims to have run away from the ceremony.

Rahmah Pinky is a Ugandan afrobeat and RNB artiste, born in 2005. She started music as a young girl in primary three as a choir leader but started professional music in 2019 with her song “tukooye” which was an inspiration and advocacy song.


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