Singer Irene Namatovu Returns to School to Re-sit UNEB Exams

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Singer Irene Namatovu has said she is willing to return to school and redo her Examinations. She strongly believes she is capable of excelling if she redoes her Uganda National Examinations (UNEB) since the first time she sat, she missed by a small margin and has learnt the best ways to attain the best grades.

In the interview, Irene Namatovu  went on to say the education is very sentimental in life and it is also
another driving factor that has aided her returning to school to do her papers even after failing to excel the first time.

Education is very important and its my dream, I am going to re do my exams so that I can get my academic documents,” said the musician during an interview with a local publications. Recently, Irene Namatovu husband, Geoffrey Lutaya now an Honorable Member of Parliament went back to school.

Although the couple had made a joint decision to return to school, only one of them passed while the other was held back. But just as the saying goes, winners are losers who never quit, this is most likely the best decision she has made since education is the key to success.


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The couple of Geoffrey Lutaya and Irene Namatovu has stood out for long as unlike most celebrity couples, the duo never puts their issues in the public eye and have been in position to jointly develop.

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