Singer Gift Ov Kaddo Shocks Nation and Discloses his HIV Status

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Traffickman Officer singer Gift Ov Kaddo has come out to profess the truth about his HIV status
and his battle with drug addiction. Previously, word of mouth had it that the singer had been battling with drug addiction and HIV at ago which left many people wondering and trying to find our whether it is the truth or not seeing as the musician totally disappeared from the public scene.

It is due to this the Gift Ov Kaddo decided to come out and clear the air as he said he is not at
all battling any drug addiction and he is HIV negative in contradiction to all the false rumor
that has been spreading around.

I’m not battling drugs. But if I’m in my zone, I’m in my zone. I’m healthy and have no HIV or Covid-19 in my blood” Gift of Kaddo clarified during an interview so as to put an end to all the allegations that have been spreading around.

The chain of rumor broke out after it was alleged that Daddy Andrea’s ex-lover Nina Roz had been trying to contact to Gift Ov Kaddo among multiple other artists to help her over come her addiction to drugs and other artists in the same situation.

Due to this, the wheels started turning and fingers were pointed at Gift Ov Kaddo as one of the musicians that is suffering with the addiction, a claim he came out and crushed right away stating that he is completely fine.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that many musicians have ended up battling drug addiction as the end of the day seeing as the list is endless since it includes artists like Jackie Chandiru, Rocky Giant to mention but a few.


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Basing on Red Banton, a faded artist, this should be attributed to the fact that many artists are under constant tension that drives them to drugs as a solace for their troubles, this only means that in deed, artists need help in fighting the steady growing vice among them.

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