Singer A Pass reveals why he stopped giving interviews to mean

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It is closer to two years since singer A Pass last gave an interview to the media as most times, he avoids them like a plague.

In his defense, he learned that giving media interviews is totally useless and therefore decided to focus on his life away from the media attention that is usually looming over the heads of celebrities.

However, when the singer was asked to throw more light upon the subject matter, he simply flashed his signature smile and went about his life like a question had not been addressed to him.

Basing on media, whenever they tried to get in touch with A Pass, he would either decline their or simply blue tick their messages a trend that they long because accustomed to as there’s nothing they can do about it.

Recently the singer only gave a glimpse into his thinking and why he chooses to look on and avoid commenting on whatever the media has to say to him to ask about which explains his long time silence.

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A Pass turns out to be just one of the artists that usually raise a red flag towards the media as comedian Anne Kansime is known for always behaving in the same manner to the media at all times.

This leaves the media with the celebrities’ social media handles as the only source of information about them or else, the media could as well starve of information from them with them moving a single muscle.


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