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SHOCK: Sheila C Gashumba Pinned to Pay Tax by URA

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A few days after Socialite Sheila C Gashumba revealing how she earned close to 20,000USD
from properly using her phone she has been asked to file an income tax returns and charge VAT
since she is providing a standard rate service.

I think the best thing my dad ever bought me when I was young was a phone!! Got my phone
when I was 8years, now I make close to 20,000USD a month by working on my phone”  Sheila C Gashumba tweeted.

The Manager of Public and Corporate Affairs at Uganda revenue Authority, Ian Rumanyika
responded to her tweet asking her if she is acting in line with the Sections 4 and 18 of the income
tax Act that requires one to pay income tax earned from business.

I hope you are good with Taxman, Sec4 & 18 of the income tax Act requires you to pay income
tax earned from business and income earned is chargeable to tax. You are required to file and
income tax returns and charge VAT since you are providing a standard rate service”. He

However it should be noted that it is not only Sheila C Gashumba that will be affected by this section but also musicians basing on the list they realized the time they were asking for compensation from
General Salim Saleh.


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