Shock as National Unity Platform Youth Councillor Shannon Mubuuke Dead

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Pregnant National Unity Platform youth councillor Shannon Mubuuke was found dead in her
bathroom today. This sent a shocking wave through out the entire NUP family, and left trauma behind.

Basing on postmortem results, the deceased lost her life after she suffered a condition called
“pulmonary embolism,” which usually causes a blockage in the flow of blood to the victims’ lungs.

The deceased was discovered after one of her neighbors Charles Muyimbwa got suspicious when he did not hear any sound whatsoever from her house and the fact that she was in doors all day.

We last heard her talking on the phone at around 9:30am with some people we didn’t know, after some hours at around 1 pm, we discovered that her door was not open, we became suspicious,” he said.

This prompted him and other neighbors to check on her and when they finally broke in, they discovered she was in a saddening condition.

“We went and opened up the small window at the bathroom and we found out that Shannon Mubuuke was lying in the bathroom. Immediately we engaged the local leaders who authorized us to
break the door,” he further informed.

The Seeta police then picked her up and she was taken to Mulago National Referral Hospital where the cause of her death was established. In the recently concluded Goma division election, Shannon Mubuuke emerged victorious which elevated her to the position of youth councillor under the National Unity Platform.


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The newly elected youth councillor for Goma division Shannon Mubuuke is dead. Mubuuke, who is a National Unity Platform (NUP) member was found dead in her bathroom shortly after midday.

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