Sheila Gashumba Reveals her Father’s Love for Jennifer Lopez

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Through a social media post, Sheila Gashumba has revealed her father’s undying love for
American celebrity Jennifer Lopez.

After taking a screenshot of her father’s status, Sheila Gashumba put it up on her Instagram to
reveal that her father had just statused Jennifer Lopez and to make matters worse , she is
wearing only a bikini.

Despite being 54, Jennifer Lopez has still managed to keep in shape with an hour glass body
that most 20-year olds in Uganda are struggling to attain through the temptations of Rolex and
street food.

No wonder Frank Gashumba is no survivor of this charm as Sheila Gashumba went on to inform that her
father is part of the 101 men that has for long been swooning over the out of reach but
definitely gorgeous celebrity.

Recently, Frank Gashumba was rumored to have been paying deceased Sheikh Muzaata’s
widow Kuluthum Muzaata late night visits which stirred a rumor about an ongoing
relationship between the two.

However, it looks like Frank Gashumba has for long had his focus attuned to Jennifer Lopez and
just like they say, out of sight is not out of mind, Frank Gashumba surely has Jennifer Lopez at
the back of his mind.

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While Frank Gashumba keeps drooling over Jennifer Lopez’ pictures, Sheila on the other hand
seems to be going on steady with Swedish based Ugandan artist Rickman as the two cannot
keep their hands off each other.

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