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Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets Attack Again Badly

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The long ongoing battle between Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets has once again set a blaze as
tensions rise.

Initially, the battle between Sheebahs’ fans (Sheebaholics) and those of Spice Diana (Spice Gadgets) had died down after Sheebah simply ignored the ongoing feud which Spice Diana asked her fans to step down from the online battle.

However, looks like the Sheebaholics love starting trouble as they once again decided to start a
fight with the fans in Spice Diana’s camp hence resulting into the most recent battle between
the two singers.

Recently, Sheebah posted saying she was different from people who use money to look rich
because she on the other hand uses her money to make more money indirectly attacking Spice
Diana and the Spice Gadgets.

In retaliation, Spice Diana also realized a song titled ”Ntuuyo Zange” which simply means my
sweat and basing on her fans, this is direct response to a post that was put up by Sheebah

Due to this, the tensions between both camps of Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets have been escalating as the days go by and it is no wonder that two innocent posts have resulted into a full blown ongoing social media which seems like the first of it’s kind.

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Hopefully, temperatures shall soon drop since Sheebah said she doesn’t care about things that
do not put food on her plate while Spice Diana had once admitted Sheebah was a league higher
than her.

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