Sheebah Karungi shares the essence of spreading love

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Queen Karma Sheebah Karungi yesterday  posted an emotional message to Kaijuka Abaasi wishing him a lovely birthday.

While celebrating her friend’s birthday, Sheebah said it is essential to celebrate people while we still have them with us rather than waiting for them to move on to the after life and celebrate them.

“If there’s anything this year has taught me is giving people their flowers while they can still smell I them,” read her post in part as she was wishing Kaijuka Abaasi a happy birthday.

In her post, she speaks of Abaasi as a beautiful soul that surely deserves to be celebrated and she truly appreciates all his handwork as he adds another year to his age.

“Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful souls I know, Kaijuka Abaasi. I appreciate you. Cheers to your new age. More blessings,” read one of her messages wishing Abaasi a splendid birthday.

Furthermore, Sheebah Karungi spoke of Abbas as a hardworking character who is also genuine and surely deserves to be celebrated and appreciated for all his endless endeavors to make those around him happy.

Yesterday was all about Abbas,” she said “Abbas, you deserve to be celebrated bro…you are so hardworking & so genuine. Thank you for being You. You are appreciated.

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In the wake of COVID-19, many people have lost close friends and family to the deadly virus, what better lesson do we need to help us learn how to love and celebrate the people around us better.

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