Sheebah and Daddy Andre, Nunu Umuringa Bounce in Tukyogeleko Song

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Black market records boss Daddy Andre and Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi unite in “Tukyogeleko” collaboration. Aside from the two renown singers, the song also features Nunu Umuringa which only
enhances on the vocals that blend in to make the song a phenomenal hit and wonderful song.

The song that unites two of the country’s greatest musicians tackles many of the country’s
weaknesses which have been ignored despite being of great important no wonder it’s title
which can literally be translated as “let’s talk about it.”

While the trio unites to bring the song together, Daddy Andre worked tooth and nail not only to
produce the wonderful lyrics that we shall soon be listening to but also the beats to which we
shall dance.

It must also be remembered that despite Daddy Andre working with several top musicians in
the country, never has he collaborated with Sheebah Karungi to produce a song which makes
“tukyogeleko” one in a kind.


To emphasize the essence of this song, Daddy Andre set up an entire music studio in Sheebah’s
living room just to ensure that the “tukyogeleko” dream can come true.

With the effort that has been put into ensuring that this song becomes a success and the
wonderful team behind it, it surely is one of the songs that you must be on the look out for
once it drops.

From the bits we have had a chance to see via the artistes’ social media handles, it is a true mix
of talent, contemporary challenges and the perfect instrumental. There are no words to
express how great this Tukyogeleko song shall be but rather seat back and wait to be stunned.


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