Shakira Shakira Refutes Claims of Dating Daddy Andre

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Singer Shakira Shakira has come out to flush down claims that she and Daddy Andre are romantically
involved in a relationship. And sharing bed sheets of recent.

The formally American based Ugandan artiste has made news for the past few months for allegedly being the thorn that pierced Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s romantic life leading to a breakup.

Rumors only intensified after a video made rounds in which Daddy Andre taps Shakira’s
behind and the two later on are filmed having a romantic lunch date. This surely threw social
media into World War III.

However, Shakira has come out to deny allegations claiming they're only friends and therefore
people should assume no further as she fears Nina Roz may take things personal and lush out
on her.

Uh, I fear her. You never know what a woman can do when rumors are saying that you are the
reason they broke up,” Shakira Shakira said while defending herself from the rumor that had made
itself around the two.

Currently, Shakira is signed up to Daddy Andre’s Black Market records and therefore claims that
this is the reason as to why she is inevitably close to Daddy Andre who is more or less her boss.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz had gained prominence among local fans and could be considered
the Jay Z and Beyonce of Uganda especially with songs like Nangana, Andele and Billboard
slipping through the speakers.


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However, their romance was short lived once the two ended up in a bitter split, while pointing
fingers at each other for causing the nasty breakup that was announced when Daddy Andre
unfollowed Nina Roz on Instagram. TimesUg.

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