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Scientific Reasons Why our Parents Discouraged Sitting After Meals

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While we were growing up, our parents always discouraged us from sitting after meals and often encouraged us to jump ‘so that the food could go to our legs’ as they often told us.

However, what if we told you their was more to it than we were let to believe. Although we were
given a vague reason at the time, it was for a genuine cause and here are the scientific reasons
behind sitting after meals.

Research has proven that it is in deed important to have a walk after having a meal and here
are the basic reasons to support it.

Sitting after meals is bad, and walking after them lowers blood glucose levels. Since walking after a meal reduces on your blood glucose levels, your chances of getting diabetes shall be reduced especially if you are chronic to getting it since it runs in your family.

Walking after a meal increases your metabolism rate. Walking or any form of activity shall
increase on your metabolism rate so in case you have eaten and feel extremely full, taking a
walk or exercising maybe the answer to making you feel better.


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Apart from taking a walk, it is also advisable to drink water which shall also help with the
digestion process. Those are the reasons why sitting after meals is dangerous to your health.

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