Rtd. Archbishop Stanley Ntagali Son Charles Birungyi Dead

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It has been a dark morning to the family of the retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and his wife Beatrice after the loss of their son. Charles Birungyi is dead, Stanley Ntagali broke the death news this morning of 14th July 2021.

It is being learnt that, Charles Birungi has been aged 31 years and was the last born of Ntagali and his wife Mama Beatrice. The cause of his death has not been established nor communicated. But what this website has learnt is that, Birungyi Charles dies soon after midnight and it was sudden.

Burial arrangements for the dead Archbishop Stanley Ntagali son Charles Birungyi will further be communicated. However, we are again reliably informed that, the family of Stanly Ntagali is still in shock on how to start this after the loss of their last born Charles.

It should however be noted that, of recent Rtd. Archbishop Stanley Ntagala was engulfed in a social quagmire. This happened after her was exposed for having shattered someone’s family and left it in tatters when he slept with someone’s wife.

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He was later on thrown to asked by the victim to pay a whooping 530 million shillings for damages and shame he put to the victim’s family. May Charles Birungyi soul rest in peace.

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