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Ronnie McVex Ties Knot with Longtime Girlfriend Faith

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Ronnie McVex, a next Radio present has taken the big step in his relationship with long time
lover faith. The duo Ronnie McVex, real names Musiimenta Ronnie alongside lover Faith Mugabi made
their vows before God and man, to stick together through thick and thin until death do them

After the Church event, the celebration of love was later marked by a glamorous wedding event which was exclusive for close friends and family away from the scrutinizing eyes of the public. Close acquittances could not help but express their excitement about the great union as they
flooded social media with congratulatory messages. In Douglas Lwanga’s tweet he said,

Congratulations Ronnie Mcvex. God bless your marriage.” This wedding comes only a matter of hours after Sasha Ferguson introduced her long time lover Canary Mugume, a NBS TV news anchor to her parents. The party was filled with joy as Sasha had just finished her Bachelor’s Degree.

Hopefully, they will soon make their vows of everlasting love, to stick together through thick and thin no matter what may come between the two of them just like Ronnie and Faith did. Next Media must be filled with an atmosphere of merriment as most of their talented personalities are marking milestones in their lives.

Let us pray for them that in this journey of love, they live to accomplish their dreams.


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