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Rocky Giant at the verge of drowning in debts

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The family of Rocky Giant has made a public outcry as they say the giant is drowning in debt and needs help.

To add salt to injury, his brother Robert Aluma informed that the rapper is currently undergoing rehabilitation over his addiction to drugs but his family does not have the capacity to sustain it.

Due to this, they have decided to make a public announcement to seek help and a way forward to go through the situation that has become an overwhelming challenge to them.

They, therefore, decided to talk to the Uganda Musicians’ Association to which Rocky Giant belongs and even artists like Bebe Cool for help but unfortunately, they have got no response whatsoever to support their cause.

Additionally,the family points fingers at Buchaman for leading their son into a traumatic situation which left him devastated and eventually the sorry state that he is living in currently without any hope.

Last year, Buchaman attacked Rocky Giant and basing his family and sources close to him, this left Rocky Giant is a sad state that has only worsened from bad to worse since then.

Many artists have found themselves either in rehabilitation or bankrupt due to a few life decisions that lead them down the wrong path hence devastating them at the end of the day.

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Songbird Jackie Chandiru suffered the same fate after she was admitted to rehabilitation over drug abuse and subsequently faced a number of relapses which only saw her life going from bad to worse.

Thankfully, she was in position to make it out of the dark hole at the end of the day. Hopefully, Rocky Giant shall soon attain the long needed redemption that will get him out of rehabilitation and back on his feet.



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