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Rickman allegedly smashing Sheilah C Gashumba

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“Ebango waliwanika” singer Rickman seems to be the man of the match has rumors reaching our desk indicate that he currently has full-time access to Sheilah Gashumba’s honey pot anytime and anywhere.

Earlier today, Sheilah posted videos of Rickman on her social media account and it’s clear that the singer had not had a single ounce of sleeping judging by how energized he appeared.

The two were in attendance of Eddy Kenzo’s Fairway hotel-based concert and it was clear to even the blind that they could not keep their hands off each other throughout the entire evening.

This is not the first time they have been captured together in public as they were once seen lip-sucking right outside Forest mall.

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Sheilah seems to have totally sealed off God’s plan and her initial claim of money as her lover must have vanished into thin air as we can hear her screaming Rickman’s name endlessly.

Stay tuned for every single drop of juicy details from the new love birds.

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