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Rema Namakula and Dr. Hamza Reportedly Fight, May Breakup

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The ugly news reaching our gossip desk indicate that, the lovely couple of Rema Namakula and Dr. Hamza is involved in a fight, with a possibility of a breakup. The close sources continue to reveal that the indicators of all this are that, Rema Namakula moved on to delete the glamorous pictures that the couple took recently on a Dubai birthday tour from her Social Media accounts.

This website continues to learn that, even the Dubai tour was a form of apology from Hamza  to Rema for the ugly things he had done some time back. And Rema had remained defiant on forgiving him. So according to the look of things, the ‘apology’ may have worked form just the moments they spent in Dubai, thus a fight.

This takes us to the recent revelation which Eddy Kenzo made, on why his relationship with the female singer Rema did not work out, and there was a breakup. That Rema was never satisfied with what she had always, and more. So what forced Rema to delete the pictures, seems the relationship has started hitting the bumpy roads.

But still, unless the two announce it publicly that they (Rema and Hamza) have had a fight or a breakup, we can not fully ascertain the depth of this all. We are however keeping a sharp eye on the direction the relationship is taking.

And we wish Dr. Hamza and Rema a great marriage.


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