Reasons why Sasha Brighton considers joining TV as a presenter

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Sensational singer Sasha Brighton has disclosed her interest in trying out her childhood dream of becoming a TV presenter.

The reasons behind her actions are not yet clear for it would be bizarre for her to come and out of the blue and suggest joining the television industry without any push factor whatsoever to influence her.

Once upon a time, Sasha disclosed that when she was a young girl, she majorly had two aspirations in life. To either become a television presenter or better yet, becoming a famous Nollywood actress which could have motivated her.

However, the future had a bucket of surprises for Sasha Brighton as neither of her dreams ever materialized but rather, she ended up becoming a popular musician with many of her songs being played on local TVs and radios.

But you know what they, it’s never too late to chase your dreams no wonder Sasha Brighton has decided to give her lifelong dream an opportunity as she considers becoming a television presenter.

In a recent post, Sasha went on to disclose her never-dying dream of stepping up the leaders and becoming a television presenter as she said, “My dream was to work on TV as a presenter or join the movie industry. I think it’s high time I made my dream come true. What do you think fam?”

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The question surely drew a number of responses from different people in regard to her capability to fully work as a television presenter for what station she will be graced with the opportunity of working for.

In case you are out there and indeed you have the potential to work on your dream, don’t be held back by anything, go right into it and ensure that you get the very best out of it. It is better to try and fail rather than regretting failing to try.

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