Racheal Mirembe Sserwadda Wins UCU Guild President seat

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According to Provisional results from Nkoyoyo Hall, Racheal Mirembe Sserwadda has won the elections against her competitor Ayebare Phillip Bravo making her the 24th Guild President for Uganda Christian University(UCU).

Racheal Mirembe Sserwadda however will move into office from Kenneth Agaba Amponda who was the current guild president for UCU.

However, Racheal Mirembe was elected into the guild office based on her 5 point program manifesto that constitutes reforms on:. Health, education, security, accountability and formidable leadership.

In addition, Women leadership is now the new normal in different higher learning institutions for example, Victoria University had a female Guild President Mariah Peggy Nabunya from 2018-2019.

Additionally, Makerere university recently elected NUP’s Shamim Nambassa as the institution’s 87th guild president after years without having a female guild president.

Racheal Mirembe Sserwadda

Racheal Mirembe Sserwadda

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In conclusion, congratulations Racheal Mirembe!

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