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Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang – Biography, Education, Family, Net worth

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Known for the invention of the mighty Covid-19 remedy (Covidex), Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang has won every Ugandan’s heart. This is because of his genius stand and love to secure the lives of Ugandans from the deadly Coronavirus. Here is Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang updated full biography, net worth, education background, family, wife, children and more.

Patrick Engeu Ogwang Biography

Born on the 1st of January 1973 in the Eastern district of Kaberamaido, Otuboi Village,
Professor Patrick Ogwang was raised by an uncle following the unfortunate death of both his parents
at different times of his lives.

However, his mother’s ability to make herbal remedies from herbs for ailments like fever, colds
among many others stuck with Prof. Patrick Engeu Ogwang long after her death. No wonder he was in
position to make Covidex from local herbs for the treatment of COVID-19.

Education Background

Initially, Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang attended local primary schools from which he excelled with flying colors which saw him join one of the country’s (Uganda) best all boys’ school St. Mary’s College, Kisubi.

Upon graduating with a high school diploma, Ogwang went on to join Makerere University
where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy. Once he had graduated, Patrick Ogwang went
ahead to pursue a Master’s Degree in Pharmacology and later on a Doctor of Philosophy in

Wife and Children

Professor Ogwang is happily married to a beautiful wife who is a doctor at Mulago National
Referral Hospital for whoever is interested in capturing his attention and the couple is blessed
with two children that they got in their sweet love life.

Career Path

Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang started active research work back in 2004 when he decided to dig deeper into his mother’s “first aid” kit. He tried making various concoctions out of the various herbs in
attempt to find treatment for some of the world’s worst diseases.

While speaking to media, Prof. Ogwang informed that he was in position to make a compound
that has protected one of his family members from sickle cell attacks for over 20 years while he
was also in position to make another compound that he claims could protect someone from
ever suffering from Malaria.

Recently, Professor Ogwang made the famous Covidex which was approved by the National
Drug Authority (NDA) as a tested and proved support treatment for the deadly coronavirus. Reports
indicate that Covidex is know to relieve someone of COVID-19 like symptoms.

Uganda Investment Authority further granted Professor Ogwang 5 acres of land to construct
an industry and manufacture local remedies massively. Also, the Professor was granted a ten years tax

Positions held

In the past, Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang served as the president of the Pharmaceutical Association of Uganda (PAU) which is know to advocate, champion and govern pharmacists and pharmaceutical practices in Uganda.

Currently, Professor Ogwang doubles as an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Mbarara
University of Science and Technology (MUST) and also the Executive Chairman of Jena Laboratories Uganda Limited, the authorized manufacturers of Covidex.

Net worth

Currently, it is hard to estimate Prof. Patrick Ogwang’s net worth seeing as Covidex has just hit the
market, however, the professor is believed to be ranging in between $ 100,000 – $250,000.

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