Princess Ruth Komuntale allegedly Opens Up About Breakup Rumours With New Husband Phil

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Social media tabloids have been flooded with reports allegedly stating that Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale broke up with her new husband Anthony Phil and was demanding for divorce.

However, she opened up about the whole truth on this matter.

Responding on her Instagram and Facebook pages, Komuntale indirectly trashed the breakup rumours affirming how much she is still in love with her man.

Princess Ruth Komuntale shared photos of herself and Anthony Phil enjoying a good time together on her Facebook account.

“As the month soon comes to an end & we welcome a beautiful November, I am reminded of just how much hate there is in this world, but there’s also so much love. The more hate I see, the more I am reminded to spread love everywhere I go & treat everyone with kindness. You just never know what a person is going through. Spreading love & light to you all,” she posted.

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