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Prima Kadashi Advises Girls in Relationships

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Prima Kadashi has come out and advised girls in relationships. She says no one should stay in a relationship because of money.

It is evident that Prima does not regret leaving Geosteady for the Galaxy FM radio presenter Mr. Henrie. It is allegedly said that Geosteady hurt Prima so much during their time of relating.

However many people are high on criticizing her current relationship even when she says she has found peace where she is. Through her Facebook, she has given reasons as to why one should leave any relationship as soon as she sees the red flags.

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“It’s very unfortunate.                       *first and foremost every one is entitled to move on when the relationship fails n can date whoever they want to date. I rather have the goal than being stuck with ruthless options.                                               *Second.. it’s never about the money, don’t get stuck in the gu** relationship because of the damn money.  ( sente bakola nkole ba dear).                                    *You can not stark a human being_like how can you steal a whole woman with two legs lol… if she is wheat she is kitegeza she is 100% happy and contented….” Prima Kadashi said”

She believes that love is not all about money but how one is happy in a relationship.



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