Prima Kadarshi Shuts up Critics of her Nudes

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City socialite Prima Kadarshi has zipped up people’s mouths for gossiping about her after she
posted her half nudes. She actually sent the whole Social Media into utter shock after the pictures were released.

The buzz was prompted when the proprietor of Prima Tours Uganda took to her social media to
post revealing pictures of herself while on a vacation with her boy in the United Arab Emirates. Unlike most celebrities who usually shun what people have to say.

Prima Kardash took on the full blown argument and attacked them for body shaming her after she posted her pictures while having the time of her life.

In her defense, not everyone can have a perfect body so people should stop criticising others
and even more to it, some people criticize others yet their bodies are no different or even in
worse conditions.

Prima Kadarshi NudesPrima nudes

So, you Ugandans want everyone to have a perfect body. Natunula nga emiwuzi naye ayogera. Am the Prima u will forever have. Nobody is gonna change that. And I will wear anything I wish. U can say shit, just don’t come near me. I don’t force anyone to love me either! CEO in the making,” Prima Kadarshi vetted out.

Right after this, she took down the entire post but that was not first enough to keep us from capturing the battle of witts that occurred today between Prima Kadarshi and some of the social media in laws.

Currently, Prima is out of the country, away on a vacation with new lover Mr. Henrie no wonder she is not willing to let anything whatsoever to come in the way of her wonderful time.


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Her response left social media stunned as they could not believe that she could talk back at
them although it is common knowledge that this is challenge is common to many celebrities.

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