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Precious Remmie Introduces Fiancé To Her Parents

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Live wire host Precious Remmie introduces lover to her parents in kawanda.

Firstly, it has been one of the glamorous private introduction party has taken place today 16th October 2021. With beautiful detour. Some videos and photos have already leaked showing the party is going on.

On yesterday’s livewire show disclosed that she wasn’t going to let go a California based Nkuba Kyeyo. The mother of one, Precious Remmie says is ready for whatever comes, if he is married, it is okay. If he got someone pregnant, it is fine. If he was to someone else before this, no problem.

Don Zella a few days revealed how she received information revealing that Raymond already dumped a pregnant lady whom he proposed to earlier.

“Information reaching our desk that the first angagement lady is pregnant with Raymond’s child whom he dumped and went to remmie waffe wabula lero nkoze olugambo…,” Don Zella wrote.

Finally, Don Zella is not the only one spilling secrets and the motive behind the attacks has been questioned fans . Let’s watch the space!


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