POTUS Joe Biden Sleeping Again, Trump Wins Now

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The former president of America Donald Trump gave a nickname to his successor Joe Biden (sleepy joe) sleeping as he Jokingly urged him not to sleep during the meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin While he spoke at the North Carolina Republican convention in Greenville, N.C

“Slepy joe” Joe Biden who beat awake trump by seven million votes came to power on a ticket of competence, empathy, foreign policy experience and simply not being Donald Trump has been found out to even be worse than him .As Joe’s sleeps through the meeting with the prime minister of Israel Naftali Bennett .

The Joe Biden sleeping video clip has made rounds on social media as people continue make jokes as how he might be tired from cleaning up Donald Trumps mess of a regime.

Despite the good he had done like rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine, salvaged the economy , has successfully installed the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan , armed them to
the teeth with billions of dollars of American warfare machinery he’s left abandoned, made infrastructure happen and rebuilt American Trust in a period of seven months.

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Republicans and Trumps supporters till seem not to have it with his sleepy self during a diplomatic meeting.

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