Police in Nansana have sabotaged a group of young men conducting same-sex marriage

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A group of 44 young men in Nansana 780 zone, Ochen ward have been arrested for conducting a gay marriage while ignoring SOPs set by the Ministry of Health. Police stopped the wedding ceremony at around 1pm on grounds that both the couple that was getting married and those in attendance didn’t have masks on yet the country is currently battling with Covid-19.

The city police deputy spokesman went on to inform that among the arrested include thirty-eight adult men along side six female ladies who were captured at the crime scene when police stormed the venue.

He went on to point out that among the arrested, not a single one was wearing a mask yet there wasn’t a single element of social distancing among the group that had converged for the wedding ceremony.

Once police caught wind of the ongoing ever, they stormed down on the event to ensure that the event did not proceed any further as Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Like Owoyesigyire said;

“Immediately a team of police officers proceeded to the scene and a group of 38 adult males and 6 females were found conducting a ceremony at around 1pm that looked to be a wedding. All the men had make up and some were dressed as female in dresses and wigs.”

This is the second time that police have arrested a group of gay men in Uganda especially in large group confinement as the same situation happened last year during the covid-19 lockdown.

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Previously, Parliament tabled a bill in which they tried to ban the practice of homosexuality in the country although it was never passed. However, this did not deter the high rates of homophobia in the country.

World wide, Uganda is ranked as one of the most homophobic countries in the world basing on how homosexuals have been treated over time.



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