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Pius Nuwagaba Opens About His Leaked Video – My Girlfriend is Innocent

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Ibanda district born, former Uganda police officer and the Dubai based Pius Nuwagaba has come out to defend his girlfriend for allegedly leaking of his complete n@ked video.

In his defense statement, he states that his girlfriend did not intend to share his manly talent as everyone is alleging. He says that, his girlfriend was caught off guard after she accidentally shared the video to her status. He adds that, this happened when she was supposed to forward the video to him.

Thanks to WhatsApp GB users, despite her attempt to delete the video from her status, it had
long been saved to their galleries and been shared to various people across the country and the

However, Pius Nuwagaba about the video said, he doesn’t mind whatever happened since his girlfriend has undying love for him after she contributed UGX 2.5 million towards his plan to leave the country and better his life.

While speaking, he also disclosed that his girlfriend was in great shock and went into comma following the unfortunate events since she did not intend to share their secret to the world. But he is being praised for having a bigger gun than Lwasa Emmanuel who recently drew shame to the men fratternity with his tiny gun.


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Moreover, Pius Nuwagaba on the leaked  video, was still in position to see the silver lining in the cloud since many people have come out to praise his smart wire and also his bedroom skills as slightly exhibited in the video that went viral.

So unlike the usual situations in which leaked videos cause so much disagreement and anger in
between the couple, Pius only seems to have fallen deeper in love with his girlfriend after the
tragic happening.


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