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Pia Pounds Reveals What Eddy Kenzo Did For Her

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“Taala” singer Pia Pounds has revealed that she’ll forever be grateful to Eddy Kenzo for he has
made her what she is today.

Despite the fact that she recently found out she is not part of the Big Talent management, Pia
Pounds has gone ahead to say she’ll forever be grateful to Eddy Kenzo for his mentorship and

She went on to say she is currently looking for someone who could manage her talent since she
realized that the contract she believed she had with big talent for five years doesn’t actually

I am looking for a manager because the previous contract I had was said to be void. All along I
thought my five-year contract with Big Talent was still on but after hearing what Kenzo said, I’m
free… I had done three years with two more to go,” she disclosed in a recent interview with a
local media house.

The discovery of Pia’s current situation was made when Eddy Kenzo informed during a
television interview that Pia Pounds was never part of Big Talent but rather a friend to his
producer that he took on to nurture.

Pia was Kusseim’s artiste but because he was my official producer, he asked me to allow her
be part of Big Talent so she can get exposure,” revealed the BET award winning singer during a
local interview.

Resulting from this revelation, Pia Pounds has constantly been looking for a manager who will
help her music career to grow and thrive into a better. Hopefully she finds a better and as for
her past, it is definite she will forever be grateful to fellow musician Eddy Kenzo.


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