People’s Reactions Towards Bugingo & Susan Introduction

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House of Prayer Ministries church pastor Aloysius Bugingo was a few days ago officially introduced by Susan Makula to her parents in Kyebando in a luxurious traditional.

This however caught very many people unaware as they never expected pastor Bugingo to accept an introduction even when he is still officially married with Teddy Bugingo. Many people were seen cursing how a pastor can decide to lead his followers with such an example.

Firstly, a one @blessed Babe was left confused on how a woman grooms his man from poverty to a descent life and later he leaves her for another woman.

“Imagine Teddy love him in poverty and after he became rich, he started seeing here flaws. That’s why I agree with women who don’t want to many poor guys because any time a man will leave you after investing in her.” She said.

“I know he feels like he made it now, but at a perfect timing, God will cut him down like a tree that became giant to nothing but the roots.That’s when he will know that’s ultimately,God is sovereign but the greatest avenger of all.” Joyce Ayugi

“Dear Bujingo God us not mocked. Now you are naked. First you grieved the holt spirit abd the Bible says in eph4:30; It’s had to do, but when you do it, grieving the Holy Spirit in unforgivable. You can’t win the battle against God!” Spiritual fellowship said

“You have showed you followers that those whom you have wedded can also do away with their legally married spouses. We shall know them by their fruits, we are seeing the fruits. What a loss you are Bujingo?” He questioned.

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In conclusion, as timesug, we congratulate the couple upon their Kwanjula.

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