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Paula MUBS on Suicide Watch, Her Mother Collapses After Leaked Video

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There has an exclusive news that is just reaching our gossip desk that is ugly, this indicates that the mother of Paula the MUBS student whose n@ked video was leaked, has collapsed and survived death. Also, Paula is on a suicide watch, according to news.

This comes after the renown mother also a prominent social media figure got a shocker of her life after seeing the video. Eye witnesses suggest that, Paula MUBS video was leaked just moments after she had sent it to her boyfriend as a ‘quarantine gift.’

Since everyone is now starving, Paula had decided to make things easy for her boyfriend. But things went to the west. People who are close to Paula in the video, assert that she is one of the most humble people on earth. Now they have ended in suicide watch and collapsing of her mother.

As many keep asking what really tempted her to record herself, but as the saying goes, love is blind, she was also blinded. Her mother is currently admitted and Paula is being watched closely so that she does not do suicide as she had promised earlier on.


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Watch Leaked Video

Paula MUBS Video

The boyfriend in the whole of this saga is still mute, but our Times Corps are working tirelessly to bring him on so that he also gets served right. Or else, he may be having a story to tell us.

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