Paul Lokech – Biography, Early life, Education, Net Worth, Military Career, Cause of death.

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Paul Lokech was a senior military officer ranking as a Major General in the Ugandan army, the
Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF). Before his untimely death on 21st, August, 2021, he
held the position of Deputy Inspector General of Police.

Here is a look at the Major General’s life from an early age until he finally ascended to the
position of Deputy Inspector General of Police.

Paul Lokech Biography and Age

The Major General was born in Northern part of the country specifically in the Acholi sub-region
which was greatly affected by the attacks by Joseph Konys’ rebel group the Lord’s Resistance

Education background

Although close to nothing is known about his education background, it is clear that the army
man attended school in Northern Uganda which nurtured him into the learned man he was at
the time of his demise.

Military Career

While working in the army, he held various leadership positions as he lead two tours in his then
capacity as the Commander of the Uganda contingent to Somalia which was part of the
AMISOM peace-keeping force.

Among the tours Paul Lokech lead, was one in between 2011 and 2012 in which he commanded Battle
groups eight and nine that was in charge of ejecting Al-Shabaab militants from Mogadishu in
2011 while his second tour was in between 2017 and 2018.

Prior to his second tour in Somalia, he was appointed to the position of Commanding Officer of
the Second UPDF division at Makenke barracks, Mbarara City before serving as the Military
Attaché at Uganda’s Embassy to Russia, based in Moscow.

Aside from the Somalia peace keeping mission, he served in the South Sudan peace-keeping
force, the Operation Safe Heaven (OSH) which was an operation in the Democratic Republic of
Congo aimed at neutralizing the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

In between 11 July and 11 December 2019, he served as the Chief of staff of the UPDF Air Force
while the year before, right from December 2018, he was the Commandant of Uganda Rapid
Deployment Capability Centre (URDCC), in Jinja, in the Eastern Region of Uganda.

Later on, he was appointed to the position of Deputy Inspector General of Police replacing
Major General Sabiiti who had held the position since 4th of March 2018.


Paul Lokech is a married man with children

Net Worth

Ever since he joined the army, he has been rising through ranks and has been getting a hefty sum of money from missions like that of Somalia. His net worth is estimated to be around $700,000 – $1m

Cause of death

On 21st August 2021, the army announced the tragic death of Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech which was
followed by information indicating that he had died of a blood clot.


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