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Pallaso finally responds to Bobi Wine Gulu-related remarks

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‘What is money’ singer Pallaso has finally responded to the lemonade dripping remarks that were made by Bobi Wine.

Once a delegate of musicians paid General Salim Saleh a visit in Gulu in relation to compensation over the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their musical careers, Bobi Wine poured out stinging comments to them as he labeled them beggars.

While reacting to this, Pallaso said, “I regret supporting my elder brother Bobi Wine. I did everything for him. I even released a song for him while he was in Arua. We are not beggars, we are just struggling to make the music industry better.”

Prior to this, Bobi Wine said that the musicians had selfishly kept to themselves while he tried to take Ugandans out of the National Resistance Movement government which they have suffered terribly through.

According to the ‘ghetto president,’ the musicians were lied too and choose to stand by the dictator who is trying to split the music industry and keep them from cooperating to expose the evils that this government is currently doing to the poor Ugandans.

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Earlier on, Chameleon had also reacted to the same comments when he said that Bobi Wine is no different from the rest of the beggars, as he calls them since he also went to America to solicit funds.

Aside from Pallaso and Chameleon, many other artists had in deed met Salim Saleh in relation to the Covid-19 related compensation. Among the other artists that went include Ragga Dee and Feffe Bussi.

Many conspiracies arose from this and many others came up once the sum of money some of the artist asked for had jaws dropping. Hopefully the music industry shall soon move on from this.

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