Over 6,000 Ugandans receive double payment of the relief Covid-19 fund

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Basing on reports, by the Ministry of ICT, over 6,000 Ugandans have received double payment for the Covid-19 fund.

While addressing media yesterday, Minsiter of ICT Chris Baryomunsi confirmed that in deed there had been errors which saw some Ugandans getting a double payment for the Covid-19 fund.

Initially, it started out as a rumour which prompted the Ministry to check with Post Bank to confirm and they came to a conclusion that indeed, some contacts had been sent money twice.

In their defense, they claim it was a human error that they never foresaw and we’re only shocked upon realizing that some people had received money twice inside of the one time they were meant to get the money.

Upon the installation of a second lockdown but the head of state, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the government resolved to send people relief aid worth UGX 100,000 to sustain them through the lockdown.

This plan was meant to be foreseen by the office of the Prime Minister alongside the Ministry of ICT since the relief aid is meant to be wired through the vulnerable people’s Mobile money accounts.

During the first lockdown, relief aid was offered inform of food stuffs such as posho and beans, however, due to irregularities that were registered, the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja resorted to sending money to every vulnerable Ugandan.

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Despite the plan being a perfect one, the public was shocked to learn that some Ugandans have received double payment amounting to UGX 200,000 unlike the earlier budgeted for UGX 100,000 for every individual.

Additionally, the Prime Minister also informed that some Ugandans may not be able to receive the money because the creditials they provided the LCs was incorrect hence hindering the Mobile money transaction.

This only leaves questions behind, what is the fate of Ugandans whose credentials had errors and how will government recover the money that has been sent to some individuals twice?

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