Omega 256 Drops Brand New Song Ndera 2021

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Songbird and star Omega 256 hits back again, this time so hard and firm as she registers another banger release called Ndera. The song comes in a time when the singer is at her peak musically in a vibe of releasing massive hit songs.

It should be noted that, Omega 256 before the release of Ndera (meaning baby seat me), she has been in a massive collaboration song that sold her name far. More so, she has done hit songs under her name that include Weekend, Keeza, Deep in Love, Ninterwa among others.

Ndera song is a love one which is completely suitable for those that have a new love. The vibe is so great for her music lovers. Ndera is a unique song that passed through hands of various producers that include Drizzy Beats and the main man Nessim Pan Production did the top job of making it come out sweet.

In addition, Omega 256 herself put in the extra effort on the project, since Western Uganda has her as a major export, she does music having it in mind on how she should make her home proud. One can easily say Omega 256 is Western Uganda’s Juliana Kanyomozi.




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