Nina Roz in brand new collabo with Faymous Bryan

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Sensitisational singer Nina Roz has yet again dropped the “Oli wange” collabo alongside Faymous Bryan.

In Luganda, “Oli wange” can loosely be translated as “you belong to me” which only means that through this song, Nina Roz is claiming what is has as she makes it clear that something or someone, in particular, belongs to her.

Prior to this, Nina Roz dropped the “Enyota” song in which she speaks of how thirsty she is and she is craving a certain someone out there for whose attention she pleads while asking him to please reach out to her.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Nina Roz is calling out to Daddy Andre and reminding him that no matter what transpires between the two of them, she is still out for his love that she has always yearned for.

The two started off their Romeo and Juliet affair last year and their ear in town had to hear how deep they had fallen for each other through both collabos between the two of them and individual singles they had.

All this came after Daddy Andre had made his first step towards consolidating their relationship when he visited Nina Roz family and the two got engaged on a scientific kukyala ceremony.

However, all the roses seemed to have withered with time as the two ended up in a nasty breakup while Daddy Andre slipped all the beans for whoever cared to listen about how Nina had gone back to feeding her drug addiction.

Months later, media was buzzing with a rumored relationship between Daddy Andre and American-based Ugandan artist Sharika since the two had become extremely cozy around each other.

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Despite the fact that Daddy Andre and Shakira could not keep their hands away from each other, Shakira denied being romantically involved with Daddy Andre and even encouraged Nina Roz to fight for the love of her life.

With the possessiveness oozing out of the “Oliwange” single with Faymous Bryan, there’s no doubt Nina took the words to heart and will do anything to grab back the full attention of Daddy Andre.

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