Old Women Stop Disturbing My Boy Grenade – Manager Derrick Threatens

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After striking a juicy seat in Parliament Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade Official’s manager Derrick kicks Sugar Mummies to stop distracting the young boy Grenade Official.

Grenade is a Ugandan Afro musician but has mostly made his name as a Kampala play boy who has left
many Men crying after there women are taken by the charming boy.

But recently his manager has come out to talk on how Grenade has retired from the sugar mummies
game and has focused his time to music only. This comes after Grenade Official got drowned in old women and rather got off the music scene.

Many women were left crying after being warned to keep a big distance from the city playboy, Manager
Derrick went on to say on how he is going to invest in the young talent more after going to Parliament. A sign that Greande’s music is likely to flourish the more.


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In conclusion, manager Derrick has made his name after mentoring many of the Ugandan big talents to
there fame and these include names like Eddy Kenzo, David Lutalo, Mary Bata and many more.

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