Liam Voice and Victor Ruz to feature in “Ogeza” Collaboration.

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Song birds Liam Voice and Victor Ruz are set to drop melodic collaboration dubbed “Ogeza.”

Both musicians have made name in the music industry for producing beautiful songs and also their exceptional lyrics. These lyrics have always captured people’s hearts and aided on romantic encounters.

The princes of melody have decided that it is high time they decided to team up to produce something that will stay around for us to memorize for a very long time.

Recently, Liam Voice dropped his Ndi linya wo bus which is a tribute to his fallen sister. But the depth of the song and the sorrow stringed a number of hearts to the memorable song.


As for Victor Ruz, there’s no doubt that the singer is extremely talented. This has been a story told by his songs like Love legend,” “Kikomando among many others which certainly leave a milestone.


A combination of the two surely has no words that can be added up to describe how much good it would be. The good news is that we don’t have to wait any longer since the song is already under way.

So soon we shall have a ground breaking collaboration between the two young men in Ogeza. We can’t help but anticipate and listen to what the collaboration of the two shall sound like.

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