Singer Chozen Blood, Heyz Bullet and Producer Bomba in Official New Song

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Singer Chozen Blood known for hits like Sharpshooter, has teamed up with top producer Bomba and singer Heyz Bullet on brand new song Official, 2021.

Official song is a complete love tune and the trio is telling a sweet love story where the love meets passion in our daily lives. The song is produced by Bomba himself and Heyz Bullet jumps in to make Official a sweet piece.

It should be remembered that, Chozen Blood has dropped various hit songs, and for this year, he has a project called Maaso Yawe, a complete Kinyarwanda love song meaning “your eyes” and it has earned him a slot in the music industry this year 2021.

For Bomba, it is now a trend for producers to sit in their own beats and mash them up, as we see Daddy Andre do it. Now producer Bomba is following suit t release a song, and test his capabilities behind the booth. Not only knowing himself behind the keyboard.


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Official song, is set to leave no one in the chair, and for the lovers, the song is set to make them fall so deeper. For Chozen Blood we all know when it comes to love songs, he has a seat he occupies. Let us groove along and enjoy Official latest new song 2021.

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