Nubian Li Breaks Down the Prison Ordeal in new Song Tusabala Lyaato

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Firebase crew singer, vocalist and songwriter Nubian Li has come out to talk about the prison story in a  new song called Tusabala Lyato (lyaato). This lastes song of 2021 explains what happens in the prisons, and the pain everyone their goes through as far as being jailed in concerned.

In this song Tusabala Lyato, Nubian Li explains that there is no life in the prison, and the whole system that side is broken. He continues to sting the ruling government on poor leadership saying that the country is being run by ‘rebels’. He continues to say that, when you get locked up in jail, they open cases against you according to their wish.

Not forgetting that, before all this Tusabala Lyaato song release, Nubian Li was thrown behind bars last year. He was  with others that included Bobi Wine’s official producer Dan Magic and his bodyguard Eddy Mutwe. They were netted from Kalangala Island while on Bobi Wine’s campaign trail.

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They stayed locked up for more than six months until they were freed recently. The stories they tell are so heartbreaking with Nubian saying that he got a permanent trauma. Tusabala Lyaato speaks about the whole ordeal that include people being killed when they ‘speak up’.


On the other hand, Nubia Li in Tusabala Lyato is trying to revive his already sinking music career ever since he became active in politics alongside his music partner Bobi Wine. His music staggered a little bit, but this reggae new song Tusaba Lyaato is a piece to go by.



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