Nsenene Prices Drop in Fort Portal City

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While people in Kampala are crying over the hefty sums at which the local delicacy (Nsenene) is being sold, those in Fort Portal are rejoicing the price drop.

Initially, a cup of nsenene cost one thousand shillings, however, reports coming in indicate that you can get yourself a cup full of nsenene in Fort Portal City for as low as five hundred shillings as per today.

The narrative in the central city of Kampala is different since you can’t even afford to get them at five hundred shillings especially if they have already been fried and are ready for consumption.

During the previous season, the insects became so scarce to a point that when they were vended on the Uganda Airlines, the passengers were literally jumping to have a taste of them.

The enthusiasm was so high to an extent that even when the Airline management reprimanded the suspect, they promised to add Nsenene to their menu so that their clients can have it to at anytime.

In their opinion, it wasn’t wrong to share the goodies of the Pearl of Africa, but the weakness of the entire situation was affiliated to the fact that they were serviced in an unbecoming way which disrespects the national carrier.

Unfortunately, as those in Fort Portal shall be enjoying the delicacy at a hand down price, people in Kampala may miss out on this season’s special due to the financial limitations.


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