Nkozi University in association with Movit reveals charity run gear

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Yesterday, Nkozi University revealed her charity run kits in a Movit Products Limited headquarters ceremony at Bunamwaya.

This year’s run is aimed at fundraising for the construction of Accident casualties and trauma center at Nkozi Hospital that is located along Kampala-Masaka highway, Mpigi district.

The kits are meant to be used in the charity run organized by Nkozi University that is meant to be held on Saturday, 3rd June 2021. For access to the running gear, participants could visit the different outlets.

Some of these include Centenary Bank Rubaga, Nsambya parish, Centenary Bank Masaka, or at Equator Kayabwe among many other outlets that have been officially communicated by the university.

Each of the vests is expected to cost only UGX 20,000 as informed by Nkozi Hospital Msgr. Charles Kasibante, the Vicar General of the Kampala Archdiocese.

However, staff members of Nkozi Hospital shall be saved from going through the bureaucracies since Movit donated at least one thousand five hundred vests to them and these are estimated to cost up to shillings 25 million.

The Movit brand manager, Mr. Stephen Adinyai said that their donation is a sign of continued solidarity with the hospital as we as their support for the cause of this year’s run as he said;

“This donation is a clear indication of our continued partnership with Nkozi hospital. Therefore, as a sign of this commitment to support this year’s initiative and as part of Movit’s Corporate Social Responsibility, we are today handing over a total of 1,550 marathon kits and 50 polo t-shirts for VIPs which we procured to aid in the run.”

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He also added that the Movit pledges to visit the hospital on the day of the marathon to donate equipment meant to be used in the fight of COVID-19 such as sanitizers, soap, and buckets to mention but a few.

Just as Movit is willing to come in and support the run, we all ought to unify and contribute especially since Masaka road is known for always having multiple accidents along it.



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