Nince Henry – Musicians may not get a chance to perform on stage soon

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Due to the Covid-19 guidelines, musicians’ on-stage performances have been stopped to limit the spread of the virus. While reacting to the situation, Nince Henry says musicians may not get a chance to perform on stage anytime soon especially if the current situation carries on way longer than it is expected to.

During his appearance on a local television show, the singer said the lockdown has seen an increase in the number of people using the internet as the only means of communication and entertainment.

Resulting from this, Nince Henry noted that musicians may have to embrace online platforms as a stage to perform while fans shall also have to adjust and attend to whatever programs have been organized online.

“The internet penetration has surged during this COVID-19 lockdown thus opening doors for musician. We may reach a point where artists don’t need to get back on stage for performances,” said Nince Henry.

Many artists have been crying out to the government to grant them an opportunity to perform by opening the Arts sector, however, just when there was a shimmer of hope, the country was sent into a second lockdown.

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Artists like Bobi Wine have already tasted the new waters as he had an online concert during Christmas time last year and from the lock of things, this may be the new normal all musicians shall adjust to.

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