Nince Henry drop Tobawako Banger Latest 2021

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Fastlane music label has announced it’s intentions to drop yet another hit song dubbed ‘tobawako/tobawaako. The music record label is under songwriter Nince Henry and he shall most definitely be the singer behind this wonderful song which will be taking the airwaves by a hurricane very soon.

After spending a number of years without being active in main stream media, Nince Henry
first came back with a song called Body with Spice Diana, now it seems to have returned with a Tobawako fire that can only be compared to the one that consumed the burning bush.

He has strategically been dropping hit after hit which has caught Ugandans totally off guard and
yet this only seems like the beginning of a decade filled with musical excellence.

Adding to the surprises in the basket, Nince Henry wrote the song Tobawaako/Tobawako for himself which shall only contribute to the beauty of the song as we all know how poetic his music is
known for being.

Right from the days of ‘Mpola nyo,’ Nince Henry has been behind the lyrics unleashed in his
songs no wonder they always seem to draw more and more people to listen to them.

Turns out this time is no different and that’s why we can’t miss out on this song since his skills
have been perfected during the time when he was not active in the media but was writing


In deed there’s a lot to anticipate as yet another lockdown hit gets dropped so be sure not to
this out on one of Nince Henry’s wonderful songs. Here is Tobawaako/Tobawako.


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