Netizens React on Uganda hosting Afghan refuges

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Different reactions flooded social media following the current situation of Uganda hosting 2,000
Afghan refuges (Uganda) following the political unrests in the country caused by the Taliban. This has sparked off a huge buzz of Ugandans flooding social media with comments that show that they are happy with the matter.

Yesterday, government of Uganda announced that on request of the USA, it will be hosting the Afghan refuges and the United States will cover costs incurred during the Afghanistan refuges’ stay. These will be monitored from the same camp, and well looked after by the US.

With excitement, Ugandans started creating memes on this serious situation promising to ditch
Ugandan ladies and go for the Afghanistan ones. And to make matters worse, Ugandan men have assured their women that the moment the Afghan refugees women step in Uganda, Ugandan women will be forgotten.

First they don’t ask for transport and they are ready to give us goodies, unlike our women who ask for transport and they instead eat it and don’t appear” a frustrated Ugandan is quoted asserting. The creating of memes hit the last nail in the coffin.

Uganda, over time has been known as a safe home for refugees and those from Rwanda, DR Congo, South Sudan, and other countries have found Uganda another home. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has continued to win more hearts by housing refugees.


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What should Uganda expect from the Afghan refuges? The story just gets started.

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