Naumy is a Mother and Married Woman Who is Proud to be a Sex-Worker

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The 21st century has taken everyone off their feet to try something trendy that now what seemed
wrong in the past is no longer looked at as bad but people wear it with pride. We have Naumy for you, he story is a one that is full of mixed emotions.

Today we meet Naumy a lady trading in the video that is going viral on social media. She has
come out and proudly advertised her self and business as proud sex worker who has benefited
form what she is doing.

In the video Annatalia Ozzie, was able to ask Naumy if she has benefited from her job and how
the husband finds reacts about it. In response to this, she said that her husband is very fine with
it because he trusts her wife enough and also she never mixes her marriage with her clients.

Asked if she would allow her children to do the same business when they grow up? She
responded saying that she can not make a choice for any of her children. Additionally, she said
that when they grow up they will choose their own path and she promises never to come in their

I am a proud sex worker who is not ashamed of the job that I am doing. My husband is very fine
with it because he understands my job. He knows i use protection and it all stops there.” Naumy asserted while so firm and confident. She says, she has no problem if any of her children does the same as a career.

And about my kids I can not make a choice for them if any of them grows up and decides to pick a leaf well and good” she said.


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