National Drug Authority Bans M-Magix Coffee

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The National Drug Authority has banned the sale and consumption of M-Magix Coffee on the local Ugandan market.

According to a study conducted by the body, it has been concluded that the M-Magix coffee contains Sildenafil (Viagra) which is a drug meant to be used while treating erectile dysfunction among men.

Therefore, the public has been called upon to avoid buying the said coffee as it is bound to have impacts upon their health which a beverage such as coffee are not meant to have at all times.

Similarly, supermarkets and drug shops across the country have been called upon to stop selling and stocking the M-Magix coffee. Because of the extra drug that it contains which is not prescribed for general human consumption.

M-Magix coffee has been on the Ugandan market and has been widely consumed by various Ugandans for some time now.

However, the National Drug Authority that is in charge of ensuring that whatever drugs consumed by Ugandans are authentic has come out to inform that it is not right for Ugandans to consume the coffee.

Viagra is a drug which is usually recommended for males specifically since it deals with issues relating to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the coffee would be leading Ugandans who do not need the drug in their system to consume it.

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